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BrakTub is a revolutionary bathtub design that will give you more room and accessibility.

Our patented tub has been re-shaped based on people standing in the tub. Since the bottom of the tub is flat, the sides are straight and with the “undercut” you can step out of your bathtub comfortably and easily. A traditional tub forces you have to step back where the curve ends and straddle out of the tub where your feet are too far apart. Exiting a tub in this manner causes many slip and fall accidents. Our tub allows you to step underneath the “undercut” as your toe and heel are very close together. Your body positioned vertically and your weight is distributed evenly so you won’t get off balance.


Why spend the same amount of money on a traditional tub, when you can get the BrakTub for the same price?

If you are going to spend money on a new bathtub, purchasing a BrakTub is a “no-brainer” as our tubs are priced competitively.


Why we use acrylic.

If you go back to the history in the materials that were used for making a tub, it has improved immensely. Tubs were first made of heavy cast iron and then subsequently of steel. The problem with cast iron and steel is that when you fill a tub with hot water, the materials are heated up first, and all of the heat is taken out of the water. Today, bathtubs are made out of acrylic, which is a pliable plastic that is very strong reinforced with fiberglass and resin. Acrylic with its fiberglass backing is an insulator, so when you put hot water in your tub, it will stay hot.

$1,600.00Select options


Over 6 billion dollars a year are spent on slip and fall accidents just in the bathroom alone.

The BrakTub, which is called an “apron tub,” allows you to step over in a vertical position as you are exiting and helps eliminate the potential for a slip and fall accident. BrakTub is THE tub for more floor space.