history-page-picThe BrakTub company was formed in January 2015, but the three people that took this patented new tub design from concept to product have been together for quite some time. Bruce Ahmes started Ahmes Construction in 1973 on Long Island in New York. Ryan Ahmes, Bruce’s son, has been around construction since he could walk. Ken Piccininni started in the construction business in 1988.

Construction has seen a lot of change in our forty plus years of experience. The one thing that has never changed is the bathtub. As a matter of fact, it hasn’t changed since it was brought into the house back in 1883.

As we renovated bathrooms our customers had one complaint; they always wanted to replace their tub with a shower pan but didn’t want to get rid of the tub because of resale value. They knew it was hard to sell a house that has no bathtub. In our redesign, we were able to get approximately 30% more floor space and 30% more volume. Our tub has more room than a shower pan. Our biggest feature: Safety. Our tub is much easier to get in and out of, reducing the slip and falls from tubs tremendously.

An Inventive Family History

Bruce Ahmes gets his spirit and passion for inventing from his father Al who was the head structural engineer at Grumman. When President Kennedy decided it was time to put a man on the moon and bring him back safely, Grumman summoned Al Ahmes to create the LEM that would go to the moon. He designed the landing gear, the window and fuel line on the LEM. When Neal Armstrong landed on the moon, he stepped down the ladder that Bruce’s father had created. He worked on the LEM from 1961 to 1966. Unfortunately, Al Ahmes passed away in 1966 and never got to see the work he had done for the most noted event in American History. Bruce keeps this moment alive with memorabilia honoring his father’s notable achievement.