The bathtub was invented over 130 years ago by John Michael Kohler. He simply took an animal watering trough, made decorative details to it and brought it into the home as a luxury fixture that we now expect every bathroom to have. Over time our lifestyles have changed from taking baths once a week to standing up and showering daily with fancy shower heads that make you feel like you are in a spa.

The bathtub is one of history’s great inventions, however, the design of the current tub is not conducive to standing up, due to the curved sides. In 1981, ASTM (The American Society for Testing Materials), the organization that regulates the standards of household items, changed the industry standard to include a non-skid bottom to the bath tub. But that alone did not fix the problem.

Why BrakTub is the tub of the future

Our tubs may be made out of the industry standard materials, however, our patented design is what sets BrakTub apart from all other bathtubs on the market. BrakTub is the tub 130 Years in the coming, and now it’s here.

Here’s why you won’t want any other bathtub:

Many of us who have children and pets understand the struggles of bathing them in a traditional tub. By the end of the bath, your back hurts, and there is water all over your bathroom floor from splashing. The shape and the undercut of the BrakTub allow you to bathe your child, pet or an older adult tucked underneath you. Since you aren’t reaching so far out and stretching, it’s better for your back. When you are bathing your child or pet where splashing is unavoidable, the undercut actually works as a splashguard and throws the water back into the tub.

Over 6 billion dollars a year are spent on slip and fall accidents just in the bathroom alone.

The bathtub is the most hazardous fixture in the household today. The design of the tub causes a person to awkwardly step out onto a wet tile floor with soapy water; an accident waiting to happen. Our tub, which is called an “apron tub” allows you to step over in a vertical position as you are exiting, which helps prevent slip and fall accidents.

Why spend the same amount of money on a traditional tub, when you can get the BrakTub for the same price?

If you are going to spend money on a new bathtub, purchasing a BrakTub is a “no-brainer” as our tubs are priced competitively. Other bathtub manufacturers can make 12 bathtubs to our 1, but we won’t let that stop us from giving you the best. We ensure that our handmade tubs deliver the highest in quality and value to our customers. At BrakTub, our number one priority is to make one of the best bathtubs in the world. Our purpose has always been to create a tub that will help prevent slip and fall accidents and save lives.

Our tub design is patented in 6 countries

You won’t find a better tub out there. It literally is THE perfect tub. The BrakTub gives you so much more volume and floor space. The features and safety benefits of the tub make it stand out above all the rest.

For the visually impaired (can be special ordered)

We have added to the patent a feature specifically for the visually impaired who have a problem with depth perception. We can make the very top lip of the tub and bottom of the tub in another color. When someone is visually impaired and steps into the tub, they will be able to feel the bottom and where it is before they can even touch it. We are the only company in the world that can make a two tone bathtub.

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