The Ahmes’ put us on the moon in 1969, and will take you over the moon in 2022, and beyond with the Serenity Tub from the BRAK Tub Company.

My Dad Albert Ahmes, an inventor, was Grumman’s head structural Engineer for the Apollo 11 mission (L.E.M.) that put the first man on the moon. My Dad designed the landing gear, the fuel line and the window. When Neil Armstrong climbed down that ladder to step on the moon, he was on my father’s ladder.

My patented Serenity Tub takes people over the moon when they step into a bath like no other. Its space-age design is light years ahead of the first bathtub invented, and until Serenity’s launch, unchanged for 120 years. Lucky owners of the Serenity Tub bathe in luxury with 30% more interior space and volume all packed in a standard 30″ x 60″ footprint. The Serenity Tub design is 100% easier to enter and exit with its straight vertical sides and toe-kick which doubles as an in-depth splash guard. The large 26 1/2″ floor of the tub accommodates all handicap accessories, and is available in two-tone for the visually impaired. Due to popular demand the Serenity Tub also comes in a commercial product line with Above the Floor Rough (AFR), and is offered with both retail and wholesale pric-ing.

I am proud to be a curious inventor like my Dad. He got as much of a thrill taking us to the moon as I do, providing an out-of-this-world bathing experience with my Serenity Tub.